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Watch out, watch out … those guests are about!

One of my all time favourite wedding shots ….. priceless!

Everyone is a photographer these days and quite right too… and the object of their attention?


Honestly, one of the funniest best man’s Power Point speech ever, at Norwood Hall.


Although the Bride and Groom rightly take centre stage guest photographs are also important. more’s the pity to see so many of these just shot in the same old ‘frozen’ pose. Sometimes there is the excuse ‘I don’t like having my photograph taken.’ Well its hardly surprising when guests are lined up in front of a wall then ‘shot’. There is an alternative, just allow your photographer to mingle with the guests and get some real life photography.
These next 3 were all shot ‘invisibly’and to make my disguise complete I even used an old film camera so no one would pay me any attention as ‘the photographer’.
Ilford XP2 35mm C41 processed.

Order005-S1-0034+edited 1000


Order005-S1-0027+edited 1000


Order002-S1-0036+edited 1000