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Brides Maids blowing bubbles at Kings College

Just a fly on the wall …

I’m sure that most photographers who have a passion for capturing interesting images of a wedding would agree with me in saying that ‘candid’ or ‘documentary’ or ‘reportage’ (if you want to sound cosmopolitan) is the way to go.

Bride's maids at the ready

But it does take a leap of faith on the part of the client to just let their photographer ‘get on with it’ and stay out of the way.

kings College wedding

And yet so many couple I meet start with the introduction, “we don’t like to have our photographs taken so we don’t want a lot of posed shots”. The fact is, you don’t need to have ANY posed shots.

parent with child

One approach I have used, on a few occasions, is just to mingle with the guests and I have to say these have given great results. Nothing is posed, nothing is held up waiting for the photographer. The day just flows on as a wedding and not a photoshoot.

Guests with program of service

If you want posed shots and are comfortable with that then, fine. But if not then just trust your photographer to tell the story of your special day.

guests relaxing

By their very nature the ‘getting ready’ shots are best shot from real life … just try asking a busy Make Up Artist or Hairdresser to ‘hold it’ or pose!

Emma and Lee's wedding