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Down the Beach with Lyka

Ok … what can I say? Just a simple outdoor shot.

Yet the natural lighting was so good that day it almost had a studio feel.

Lyka 182_web 960

Then out into the sunlight for a paddle on Aberdeen beach, polaroid style.

224_Lyka web 960

Followed by some Sepia work.

33_Lyka web 960

Then a touch of B&W for good measure.
279_Lyka web 960

Finally we did our best to make believe that the Aberdeen beach was warm and exotic! Before hot chocolate in the Inversnecky cafe.

Testing, testing … my first post on my new site

My first post, so it was a bit of a test.
Which half explains why a wet black dog is my photo of the day.

Pat and family

Not forgetting the other one, what a lovely pair!

Pat and family

On the other hand it is one of the stand out memories of a bracing December portrait shoot, at sunny Balmedie Beach, with Pat and her family.
just the thing to work up an appetite for lunch at The Cock and Bull Inn.

Pat and family

The Balmedie Dunes provide excellent shelter from the fresh breeze.

Pat and family

The info centre provides a change of background

Pat and family

Homeward bound