I’m often asked about Photography Workshops or Coaching sessions, well I do run these from time to time, but it’s with a twist.


Coaching sessions or workshops are not scheduled and have no fixed curriculum. Why? Well because in my experience people don’t learn very effectively by attending fixed ‘courses’. Courses work well if you have lots of time and money and its relevant for you to achieve a accredited qualification like an HNC or even a Degree. But for people who want to develop their photography as an ‘enthusiasm’or into specific professional streams, there is a much better way.

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I apply micro learning in they way I used to apply it in industrial learning situations. In this situation you learn what you need to learn, when you need it and you learn by doing it, under guidance. This is why my ‘workshops’ are tailored, hands on sessions covering whatever aspect of your photography you want to improve. These can be single sessions or several linked together to make a personal learning project. It just depends on what you need which is why all my coaching sessions start with a complimentary assessment module.

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I do these on demand for either individuals or small groups. These are normally run locally in Aberdeen City or in rural Aberdeenshire.  I am also  happy taking clients abroad if that is what is required. If you want to do some portrait sessions in Paris then I’m your man. Equally, if mountain scenery is your preference, then my climbing boots are ready to go with you into the hills and glens.

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You don’t need to have a DSLR camera (I mean, whoever decided that one particular type of camera was necessary to learn how to take good photographs?). I’m quite happy for clients to come along with a simple point and shoot digital or even a vintage film or a mobile phone camera if that is what you will actually use. In fact you don’t even need to have any camera! How would that work? Well maybe you want to improve your editing and printing skills or focus on the digital scanner as your ‘capture tool’. Good photography is not about cameras but about making great images with whatever tools you have.

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Sessions can be single events like getting to know your camera better, or a short series looking at a few related aspects of your photography or a more substantial series with a specific photography project behind it. It’s entirely dependent on what you want to achieve and how I can best help you.

If you are interested just drop me a note and I’ll come up with some interesting and affordable proposals.

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Aberdeen Journal

Life on the Street


Even some Wedding Photography coaching if you wish (taken by one of my students)

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no DSLR needed here … taken and edited in i-pad

Aberdeen winter sunny beach

Classic B&W Landscapes

marco foliage from Duthie Park

Colourful close ups

Stac Pollidh and views from the top

Not forgetting our famous Hills and Glens (Stac – Pollidh and view of the Summer Isles)

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