Update:  March 27th Fun with Film

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My newest event is designed to both Fun and Educational. This short workshop is an ideal opportunity to put your toe back into the water (that is if you were shooting film in the 90s), or to try something ‘new’ if you’re a youngster who has never shot film before. As your coach I will ensure the best possible results and (pay attention to this) save you from wasting money by flogging a dead horse (your old camera that is). First we will do a camera check to resolve any simple issues with your old camera. If it has a fault that we can’t fix we can park it then you can borrow a working film camera from my collection. After some preliminary practice at loading, shooting and unloading with blank film, confirming that your basic film skills should be OK, we will get going for real at a suitable location in Aberdeen.

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I will provide one 24 exp. colour film which I will process and scan your best 12 shots from that role. You can bring additional rolls if you like but you will have to get these processed yourself. After the shoot I will explain from my own experience the various processing and options, that you can easily do for yourself, for both  colour and black and white. My workflow is Hybrid as it involves film up to the negative stage, thereafter it is digital. I no longer make prints in a wet darkroom and will explain my reasons why. Recap, so you get a camera check, a loan camera if required, one included film with processing and scanning (your best 12 from 24) and a lot of sound but simple technical guidance for future ‘Fun with Film’. You may never want to shoot film again and that is fine as it’s not for everyone. On the other hand if you are keen to continue then you will know what you are doing and if that old camera (maybe your mum’s) that has been tucked away for years can have a new lease of life.

New for 2017: last year I decided to reduce my wedding photography work to allow me to spend more time on personal projects and for coaching. Current projects involve a published book project with the working title of ‘Aberdeen Journal’. I am also working on several vintage camera restoration projects but that is a long story with more twists and turns, frustrations and delights to come.

Although my coaching work remains individually tailored I found that many prospective clients really do not find it easy to decide ‘what they want’ and like to have a bit of a shop window to look at. Well the customer is always right, Yes/ No? Debate …. ?

Well here are some clues as to what might be in the ‘shop window’ for the rest of this year:

A) Digital Improver

B) Life on the Street (or Down on the Farm)

C) Fun with Film

D) Walking on the Wild Side

More details will come along via the Blog Page but in the meantime if any of these titles gets you excited just give me a call.

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The wedding challenge

Wedding photography still goes on, so for 2017, The Wedding Price Challenge continues, just e-mail me the outline details of your wedding (with date and venue) and a brief description of what would be your ideal Wedding Photography Package. I’ll happily send you a Quick Estimate so you can decide it its worth your while to book an appointment.

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