“To capture and preserve, special moments, this is what my photography is all about.”

Although based in Aberdeen in Scotland I travel extensively for assignments as well as for my agency work for Alamy, and my own personal projects and coaching sessions.

This website allows me to showcase typical samples of my work with a Blog to give client and other photographers insights into my work.

As this is a WordPress site remember to scroll down as there is more ‘below the fold’ as these pages are bigger than single screen size.

So what’s it all about then? In a crowded and unregulated market, where anyone with a camera can claim to be a photographer, what makes my work individual?


I recall many years ago a conversation with my friend and photographer Allesandro Sidari, on the subject of ‘photographic style’. “I don’t have any style.” I remarked. “Ah, but you do, its just deceptively simple.” he answered. That casual remark has stuck with me ever since and I would like to think he was correct then, furthermore as my photography develops I now look even more for ‘simple’ shots. What I have discovered is that simplicity itself is not necessarily simple in itself. In today’s ‘digital’ environment it is so easy to get dragged into increasing complex images. My work strives to oppose that both in appearance and execution.

For client work photographs, including those I shoot on traditional film, are usually provided first as a proof disc (web sized) for client approval then as your selection of High Resolution Fully Styled Edited and Retouched as necessary (FSER) digital images on disc with a Royalty Free Licence for clients to copy, share and print.

I also do, ‘on demand’ coaching workshops for photography enthusiasts wanting to increase their capability in various aspects of Photography and also in the more specialised area of Street Photography.

I run a very small and open operation and provide a very personal service, delve inside and you will see for yourself.

This site address :http://robertkerrphotography.co.uk/
e-mails to : enquiry@robertkerrphotography.co.uk or just use the Contact page

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