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Why Street Photography?

Obviously, people are my favorite subjects for photography, though I do venture into other areas. Most of my work is of subjects who asked me to photograph them or their event. But there is another aspect of photography that I revel in, it’s called Street Photography.

Now that in itself is potentially misleading as sometimes there are no ‘streets’ involved at all! So let’s, for now at least, just say it’s photographing people, unposed  in their natural environment, at work, play etc.

Aberdeen Journal

Of course boundaries are rarely so defined of clear so some ‘crossover’ is to be expected. The main areas of overlap being documentary style weddings or portraits where the subject knows they are being photographed but are not posing.

Edinburgh Fringe August 2015

Most of my work in this area is project based with the aim of some future publication or exhibition or taken as demonstration shots for the coaching programs I am involved in. Why should anyone want to learn how to shoot Street Photography?

Well it’s a great confidence builder and encourages the photographer to see clearly and act quickly whilst remaining unobtrusive. Very valuable abilities to be able to draw on.

Street Photography workshop

Why are my Street photographs always Black and White?

Well they don’t have to be but unless colour is necessary I’d rather do without it. If the image is strong enough, then it works.

Aberdeen Journal

And does there always have to be people as the subject?

Probably but people don’t need to be the main focus as its more about showing real people in relation to their world and to each other.

Edinburgh Fringe August 2015

And what about Social or Political Comment?

Entirely optional in my opinion and sometimes best left ambiguous …. you can add your own caption or interpretation depending on your view. But best not to jump too quickly to conclusions.

Edinburgh Fringe August 2015

Not everything needs to be explained, maybe Time and Place ….

But what is going on here and does it really matter?

Aberdeen Journal

Its probably worth saying at this point, in case of any doubt, what you can see in a public place (in the UK) you can legally photograph.

What you do with it is quite another matter of course.

Aberdeen Students Torcher Parade at Upper Kirkgate

Its just ‘our world’ … one random instant frozen for ever.

Edinburgh Fringe August 2015

People, places and emotions coming together … seen by all of us but captured by only a few.



So many photographers …. so little time!