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Brides Maids blowing bubbles at Kings College

Just a fly on the wall …

I’m sure that most photographers who have a passion for capturing interesting images of a wedding would agree with me in saying that ‘candid’ or ‘documentary’ or ‘reportage’ (if you want to sound cosmopolitan) is the way to go.

Bride's maids at the ready

But it does take a leap of faith on the part of the client to just let their photographer ‘get on with it’ and stay out of the way.

kings College wedding

And yet so many couple I meet start with the introduction, “we don’t like to have our photographs taken so we don’t want a lot of posed shots”. The fact is, you don’t need to have ANY posed shots.

parent with child

One approach I have used, on a few occasions, is just to mingle with the guests and I have to say these have given great results. Nothing is posed, nothing is held up waiting for the photographer. The day just flows on as a wedding and not a photoshoot.

Guests with program of service

If you want posed shots and are comfortable with that then, fine. But if not then just trust your photographer to tell the story of your special day.

guests relaxing

By their very nature the ‘getting ready’ shots are best shot from real life … just try asking a busy Make Up Artist or Hairdresser to ‘hold it’ or pose!

Emma and Lee's wedding

Sometimes only Colour photographs will do …


As much as I enjoy shooting portraits or wedding photographs in monochrome, there are times when only colour will do. Sometimes rich, other times more subtle.
I’ve just been revisiting some shots and a few stood out as examples of those where I think “only colour will do.” Like many things in photography its entirely down to taste.The wedding photographs of Lana and Andy were taken in Aberdeen and the portrait of Lola, in Portlethen.
I’ll add a few more examples show the importance of colour in my wedding photography later.





Lola in copper light

11-06-05_148_Pirates copper

Or in this case of Dina just walking through a garden, carrying some flowers, on a hot summer’s day. And yet all these colours do not detract our attention from the subject due to her eye contact and beguiling smile.

DSC_9188_709 750

Are you looking at me ?


As far as posing is concerned, all I ask is that you look through the camera lens, smiling is entirely optional.


Its just a fact, some people find it easy to smile, others don’t, everyone is different and a forced smile never looks good.

11-03-19_147_Miss Teen

And some are just naturally curious to see what that photographer is up to.

Everyone has their own unique look so just be confident in being yourself, that’s where true beauty lies.


Departing with style in vintage Austin Six


This classic Austin Six wedding car required some suitably classic treatment. The giant redwood in the background suggested a hot 1930’s California summer wedding rather than our cool autumnal Aberdeen. So I based my styling on the idea of something ‘sunny and vintage’.


Confetti attack!


Later, the sun went behind a cloud, making Aberdeen more believable but no less enjoyable.


Watch out, watch out … those guests are about!

One of my all time favourite wedding shots ….. priceless!

Everyone is a photographer these days and quite right too… and the object of their attention?


Honestly, one of the funniest best man’s Power Point speech ever, at Norwood Hall.


Although the Bride and Groom rightly take centre stage guest photographs are also important. more’s the pity to see so many of these just shot in the same old ‘frozen’ pose. Sometimes there is the excuse ‘I don’t like having my photograph taken.’ Well its hardly surprising when guests are lined up in front of a wall then ‘shot’. There is an alternative, just allow your photographer to mingle with the guests and get some real life photography.
These next 3 were all shot ‘invisibly’and to make my disguise complete I even used an old film camera so no one would pay me any attention as ‘the photographer’.
Ilford XP2 35mm C41 processed.

Order005-S1-0034+edited 1000


Order005-S1-0027+edited 1000


Order002-S1-0036+edited 1000

Down the Beach with Lyka

Ok … what can I say? Just a simple outdoor shot.

Yet the natural lighting was so good that day it almost had a studio feel.

Lyka 182_web 960

Then out into the sunlight for a paddle on Aberdeen beach, polaroid style.

224_Lyka web 960

Followed by some Sepia work.

33_Lyka web 960

Then a touch of B&W for good measure.
279_Lyka web 960

Finally we did our best to make believe that the Aberdeen beach was warm and exotic! Before hot chocolate in the Inversnecky cafe.

Testing, testing … my first post on my new site

My first post, so it was a bit of a test.
Which half explains why a wet black dog is my photo of the day.

Pat and family

Not forgetting the other one, what a lovely pair!

Pat and family

On the other hand it is one of the stand out memories of a bracing December portrait shoot, at sunny Balmedie Beach, with Pat and her family.
just the thing to work up an appetite for lunch at The Cock and Bull Inn.

Pat and family

The Balmedie Dunes provide excellent shelter from the fresh breeze.

Pat and family

The info centre provides a change of background

Pat and family

Homeward bound