Your memories are precious and irreplaceable

my job is to capture,enhance and preserve them for you


How do I capture memories? It’s all about me ‘being there’, seeing and feeling the importance.

Not just being present, but being involved without directing events. My photography is an empathetic witness to events that will never be repeated.

That is why photography is so important in all our lives, to have tangible evidence of these instants is priceless.

These events or occasions, weddings, anniversaries, or other milestones in life, are not about photography, they are about the people in them and their memories.

I’m there as your guest, skilled in capturing scenes unobtrusively. My photography is about you, the subject, not about me.

I specialise in designing specific proposals to cover your wedding or portrait session in just the way you want it. The service I provide is individual yet affordable.

Click onto any of the three portfolios above to see typical examples of my completed work, ready for high quality multi-media printing or viewing as animated slide show on HDTV or your tablet viewer of choice.

Click here for animation sample on Vimeo

All my images for clients are Fully Styled, Edited and Retouched as necessary.

Portraits, Weddings and Styling

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New for 2016 (available to those already booked), I am now including a free( 3 minute)  animation clip of ‘Disco Box’ for those booking this option.  Disco Box is a no cost option provided I am booked into the evening (time allowing). Here is a short sample of what to expect :

To be clear, in reply to questions: ‘Yes the price you book at is the price you will be billed … I do not increase prices once booked.’

Carried over from 2015, all couples will get a proof disc with all shots of their wedding in Face Book friendly size (960 px long side). These are unedited to help you select your finished HR images , in my opinion this is far better than trying to select from web based ‘thumbnails’ in an online ‘gallery.

Extended into 2016 is something very special. One wedding day will be photographed entirely for free with no hidden charges. All the photos you will need of your wedding day. There is however two condition …. I have to shoot it unnoticed as the Invisible Photographer and images and your wedding story will be used for national publicity. This is deal for those couples who hate ‘posing’. The details are on the promotions page.


Still on for 2016, The Wedding Price Challenge, just e-mail me the outline details of your wedding (with date and venue) and a brief description of what would be your ideal Wedding Photography Package. I’ll happily send you a Quick Estimate so you can decide it its worth your while to book an appointment.

mail to :

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